Duong Thùy Anh


Welcome to my virtual home, Wisdom of Emotions.


  • Why  calling the site  « Wisdom of Emotions« ?

For most of my life I have considered my emotions as a real curse simply because too overwhelming.  Since I had no control over my “heavy” emotions, I was very often labelled as « tortured », « soooooo  complicated », or « hypersensitive ». Only after years of work on myself and most importantly my encounter with various therapeutic approaches -mainly Méthode Noguès, pratique épigénétique, FasterEFT and mindfulness did my life considerably change.  Thanks to them, I ultimately understood that my “negative” emotions were not to be viewed as ordeals, but as signs laid on my path to help me blossom.  However, before reaching this goal, I needed to reconnect to myself and to really get in touch with all those « dark » emotions so they could bring up their priceless teachings to me. 

Hence my conviction that everyone’s « heavy » emotions conceal precious wisdoms; a bit like a diamond covered up with a thick layer of mud. I strongly believe that those « dark » emotions would greatly contribute to improving our life provided we just let them BE and work WITH them rather than against them.

As a tribute to those emotions that I used to reject, I consequently decided to name this website, « Wisdom of Emotions« .