Duong Thùy Anh


My session with Thùy Anh was full of surprises.  I was familiar with the EFT technique and thought I knew how it was going to happen but it was not meant to be that way.  I remember being warmly welcomed, professionally lead through the process of the session and then…. I took off for one hour and a half of deep work on my deepest fear,  gently tackled and gently healed in alternated episodes.  At the end of the session I felt like being on a cloud, but most of all I was incredibly surprised not being overwhelmed by the ton of emotions that had poured out during the session.  In fact, I felt profoundly healed and motivated to pursue my healing.  I did so and day after day my chronic issue with anxiety while driving dissipated more and more.  I was really very grateful to have been guided in such a gentle way.

D.B. 37, Switzerland

Thùy Anh and I have worked together for several times. She has helped me to grow in so many ways!
The session starts the minute you meet her. She listens very carefully to you and she knows how and when to ask the right questions. Thanks to them you are encouraged to look at the issues in a such different and more loving perspective that it gives you the clarity and the courage you need to get really deep in the issue. The healing has already started at that point. Then we start tapping and through her respectful and yet straightforward guidelines and support, she manages to get even more healing done. Thùy Anh is a beautiful person and practitioner. If you want to grow out of the issues you are experiencing, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute and have a session with Thùy Anh. It worked for me. I am sure it will do the same for you!

A. V., 36, Belgium

Thùy Anh has been a gift to my life. Working with her is enjoyable even though I may be working on deep issues. She uses various modalities with me and skilfully quides me into my subconscious mind where my transformations take place. I can tell you that takes a lot on patience ☺ I have recommended Thùy Anh to members of my family, that’s how much I trust her.

P.R, 52, United Kingdom