Duong Thùy Anh


PROCEEDING of a session

Prior to the first session

I will invite you to fill in some documents which I will have sent you by email. The purpose of these documents is first to help me understand the issue(s) you are struggling with (at least to some degree) and second to put your Conscious mind already at work before our first meeting.

The first session

Our first meeting will consist in a discussion where you will be able to explain your issue in more detail and I will ask you further questions in relation to the documents completed by you. Our conversation will thus help to identify some of your limiting beliefs and (harmful) behavioral patterns as well as giving me information on what your Subconscious mind allows me to free you from and accordingly, what direction I should take for our next appointments.

The following sessions

These sessions will allow you to fully confront your issue(s) in total safety so that you will dispose of it/ (them) once and for all, layer by layer.

I usually divide the session in the following way:

  1. Update on your physical state and state of mind for about 1/4 hour.
  2. Then I will be using various therapeutic tools, among them tapping  to release the « negative programs » your Subconscious Mind will have agreed to dispose of.  In others words we will be weakening these limiting beliefs, and then overriding them with new more beneficial and supportive beliefs so that you can get yourself aligned with your desired goal(s).
  3. Then the session will end up with a short relaxation so that you Subconscious mind can begin to integrate and implement the new program(s).

After the sessions

After some deep « sieving » and « cleaning », you will leave with some new healthier « programs ». In order to strengthen these new data, I will provide you with some tools and might even give you some « homework » to do daily as well. This is intended to make you deal with your former issue in a different and more positive way.

However, in order to avoid a certain routine, I modify and adjust the sessions to tailor them to your desired goal(s).  Accordingly, I use many of the tools acquired during trainings (ex. Inner Child Work, Mindfulness, Reiki, Aromatherapy, the Journey®, Theta Healing®, etc.). This way, each session is different from the previous one(s); their sole common purposes being to help you alleviate your emotional baggage.

The sessions can also take place via Zoom, What’s app or Facetime  but if possible, I would strongly advise you to come and see me in person -at least for the first two sessions- so that you can get a real « sense » of what tapping (and all the other tools) is.