Duong Thùy Anh


We tend to believe that our Conscious mind controls everything in our existence, whereas in fact it is our Subconscious Mind which stirs our whole life.  Indeed, because it holds ALL our memories, emotions, programmes and ALL the « limiting beliefs » inherited or created by us through our education and life experiences, our Subconscious mind extends its control over 90% of our thoughts and actions, if not 95% according to some.  As a result, it holds not only the cause of our dis-eases, but also the clues that might resolve them.

Based on the latter premise, during the sessions I will invite you to re-connect with your Subconscious Mind so as to enable you not only to find out the sources of your sufferings, but also and most importantly, the keys to free yourself from the pain. In order to do so, I use different tools, but essentially two therapeutic techniques, FasterEFT and Méthode Noguès, pratique épigénétique, which directly work with the Subconscious mind.

  • What is FasterEFT (=Faster Emotional Focused Transformation)?

FasterEFT is a short-term therapy developed by Robert.G.Smith which mainly works with the Subconscious Mind.  FasterEFT can be understood as a cognitivo-behavorial therapy (CBT), which also integrates the most effective elements of different techniques such as:

Creative visualization

EFT (emotional freedom technique) blends energy psychology and some acupressure, commonly called « tapping ». The latter allows deep significant neurological, physical and also emotional changes.


-Matrix Reimprinting helps to change one’s perspective on traumatic events and process them from a different angle and in a more salutary way.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is a set of learning processes enabling people to apprehend the world in a more efficient way ( to communicate, learn etc. in a better way)

-Positive psychology

Since their early life people have often learnt to do away with their emotions having been told or taught not to show their anger, jealousy, sadness etc. in society. Therefore, as a survival strategy they learn to bottle up such « negative » emotions not to be marginalised. And yet, even if they have been hidden for a very long time, these « dark » emotions do not disappear. They are still there lurking somewhere in the Subconscious mind. If they are not released, they often cause stress and manifest themselves in various forms (e.g. physical symptoms, inappropriate behaviours, illnesses etc.). It is only when they are truly experienced, felt and honoured that these « negative » emotions give way to peace and power. Accordingly, in opposition to other therapeutic methods, FasterEFT gives you the support needed so that you can fully feel your « unpleasant » emotions instead of trying to escape them (often subconsciously) and accordingly enables you to resolve your issue.

Fastereft also helps to connect your mind with your body. Indeed, healing cannot just be solely an intellectual or a physical process because when going through a trauma, you do not just use your mind or your body to encrypt the whole event. Your body AND your mind are both present at that tragic time and encode everything like a sort of screen print. That is why it is so important to release any « blocks » from BOTH these « areas », i.e. the mind and the body.

  • How can FasterEFT help you?


-empowers you so that you will learn how to control your (negative) emotions and dispose of them definitely.

-helps you get rid of phobias, addictions and many mental or emotional blocks.

-shifts you emotional disruptions and restore your physical and mental health.

-frees you from destructive life patterns so that you will not be a victim anymore and teach you how to get out of the « automatic pilot mode ».

-helps you become aware of your conditioning and your limiting beliefs, and change them so that you can live your life to the fullest.

-transforms your interpretations of your past so that you can make peace with it.

  •  What is Méthode Noguès, pratique épigénétique (=MN)?

During the sessions I also use the MN, another cutting edge CBT created by Marie-Françoise Noguès.

Mrs Noguès has managed to decipher the language of the limbic system, more precisely the amygdala the part of the brain, which comprises all the programs that our survival instinct has brought together and stored in order to keep us palive.  When the program of the species or the program of an individual is in danger, the amygdala sends out all sorts of alerts (e.g. overwhelming stress, inadequate behaviours, physiological symptoms, pain or diseases) in order to prevent a possible death of the individual.  Every warning consists of  a multitude of clues which we, more often than not, tend to miss simply because we fail to recognize them.  Fortunately, Mrs Noguès has successfully decoded and classified these most valuable « alarm bells » into a priceless data bank of 30 profiles.

  • How can MN help you?


-helps you decipher and become conscious of the limbic alerts in order to better protect your (physically and intellectually).

-facilitates the understanding and makes sense of the occurrence of certain personal or family (tragic) events, of diseases, inappropriate thoughts or behaviour

-enables you to make some VITAL modifications of inadequate behaviours or thoughts of yours to manifest a smooth and abundant future.

-re-activate some of your innate resources which have become inactive due to your environment or lack of use with a view to improve your way and quality of living.

In conclusion, with the help of FasterEFT and MN two modalities which complement each other remarkably well, your brain not ontly gets the message that it does not need to stress anymore, but  it is also « reprogrammed« .  Since you will have gained a brand new perspective on issue X, you will be able to behave more properly when facing it so that in the end you will be able to use your whole potential again and accordingly, to better handle the situation, formerly considered problematic, in a much more serene and healthier way.