Duong Thùy Anh


  • Why have a session with me?

The sessions enable you

-to release physical or emotional pains

-to free yourself from different stressing situations deriving from your current or future life

-to help you get rid of mental blocks or phobias

-to let go of limiting beliefs (conscious or unconscious) or traumatic memories

-to have a better connection between your body and mind 

-to gain a much better control over your emotions, hence a better « handle » of your life

Here is a panel of issues dealing with emotions which can be treated during the sessions:

  • Abuses

-Are you suffering from (past/current) physical, verbal, emotional or psychological abuses?

  • Addictions

-Is food an issue for you?

-Have you developped a noxious addiction (cigarettes, drugs, food, games, shopping, sex, work or else)?

  • Blocks

-Do you have harmful limiting beliefs or mental blocks that hamper your own development?

  • Fears

-Do you have panick attacks without any (obvious) reasons?

-Are you constantly on « alert mode »?

-Are you suffering from anxiety, irrepressible fears or phobias?

  • Grief

-Have you gone through any tragic event which left its mark on you and still does on different levels (nightmares, migraines, etc.) despite the passage of time?

-Are you having difficulties recovering from a loss, a break up, a sudden death or suchlike?

  • Lacks

-Do you feel inhibited due to serious lack of self-confidence?

-Are you afflicted by a lack of self-love or self-acceptance?

  • OCDs

-Are you afflicted by obsessive compulsive disorders?

  • Overflows

-Are you the victim of emotional fits (e.g. rage, jealousy) and do you make your close circle (family, friends, colleagues) endure them too?

  • Physical pains

-Are you suffering from physical pain (with no obvious cause or due to a specific illness)?

-Are you suffering from psychosomatic symptoms?

  • Sabotage

-Do you suffer from the « self-sabotage » syndrome?

-Have you kept repeating again and again the same destructive patterns in your private relations (be it in your family, love life or friendships) or professional or financial areas?

  • Worries

-Are you constantly worried about the future?

-Do you torture yourself by developing in your mind the worst possible scenarios of the future?

All the aforementioned issues share two common denominators, namely (a) an overflow of emotions that cannot be controlled and (b) the Subconscious mind, which they most probably originate from.  Two elements that are most efficiently dealth with by FasterEFT and Méthode Noguès (and others)During the sessions I will teach you how to dive into your emotions,  feel them and at last let them go for real.  Thus you will realize that your Subconscious Mind is genuinely your best ally, whose only aim is to keep you alive and make you evolve.