Duong Thùy Anh


Each session costs 120 frs or 120 euros.  Here is how you can make the payment:

A. by Cash:                                                                                   (at the end of the session)

B. with Pay Pal:                                                                            (before the session)
1. Choose « Send money » tab
2. Fill in the following email address:
3. Fill in the payment amount
4. Check the currency

     >> You will be offered 2 options:

               a) Goods payment
b) Personal Payment Owed → Choose Personal Payment Owed

5. Click Continue
6. You will be taken to a Review Screen
7. Here you will see Cross Border Fee

     >>You will be offered 2 options:

              a) Pay for Fees on Your Side
b) Recipient pays → Choose Pay for Fees on Your Side

8. Submit /Send money.

C. Here are my Bank Account details for direct payment:                  (before the session)
(Currency = Swiss Francs)

Bank Name :              LA POSTE (Finance)
Account Number :      23-348676-9
BIC :                          POFICHBEXXX
IBAN :                       CH13 0900 0000 2334 8676 9